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  • Kitchen Trolley - Functional & Stylish

    Industrial Kitchen Trolley DIP-01 Side

    Style and function define the true Kitchen Cart / Trolley.  They are also highly versatile as they can generally be used in may rooms in the home.  Here are some ideas for Kitchen Trolleys you may not have considered:

    As portable bars – Throwing the perfect house party involves many things. Other than the obvious need for fine wine, fantastic food and good people, you also have to arrange the home décor.  Why not impress your guests by wheeling in your drinks (cocktails anyone!) and food on a kitchen trolley. Or perhaps display your wine and cocktail glasses on the trolley.

    As nightstands – Trolleys are great replacements for nightstands. Why not use a trolley to display knick-knacks, lotions, books, and / or your alarm clock.

    In the bathroom – A well-planned out bathroom requires attention to detail, like making sure everything’s within arms reach. Consider using a kitchen trolley to store bathroom essentials, to hang spare towels and / or your hair dryer.

    Organizing your personal space is simple if you get the basics right.  Yet finding a high quality, affordable trolley can be a real challenge.  It's not unusual for some trolleys to sell at well over $1,000 plus shipping costs (buying online or in-store).

    If you've been considering organising a room in your home, or need a stylish piece of furniture with the versatility to move around your home, then Dipinto can help.

    With features including cast iron wheels (yes you can easily move it around), handles, and shelving, coupled with a natural wood finish, our Kitchen Trolley ticks all the boxes.  In line with our commitment to stocking only quality affordable furniture, at just $569 (inclusive of shipping), the Dipinto Industrial Kitchen Trolley is great value and something you'll be proud to call your own.

    Check it out online - 

  • Reinvent Your Room With Industrial Inspired Interiors

    Industrial Style Interiors

    There’s something uniquely beautiful in old box crates, vintage cabinets, recycled wooden décor and classical timepieces. The aged feel of the items creates a haunting feel that invites one’s imagination to soar, as if inside a creative clockwork which transports them from one moment to another. True enough, industrial interiors exude a curious, raw splendor, in spite of the half-unpolished items and the old-looking closets.

    Perfect for the heart that sees beauty in the old and the classic, industrial interiors creates a laidback, refreshing atmosphere to any room, highlighting novelty in spite of the vintage pieces and post-modern designs. It’s an unpredictable throw-in of rustic elements, old wood decors, accessories with fading colors, and other timeworn pieces.

    Thinking to redecorate your room? Get your ideas from this industrial-inspired guide that will put a whole new spirit into your interior with vintage-looking items.

    Withered and Wooden

    Wooden items, particularly the vintage looking ones, play a great role in the industrial interior setting. Think of dark wooden tables, closets and bookshelves; they give off an enchanting aura that is both mannish and mysterious. Also, these items take a nice play on the texture and colors. Due to age, old wooden furniture soon shows signs of chapped parts and faded colors, but the industrial beauty sees sentimental beauty in these vintage items.

    For bigger furniture, place it as the main centerpiece of the room and build everything around it. For smaller decors, put them in key features of the area and make use of the spaces to emphasize their withering beauty.

    Revel in Rustic

    Another favorite industrial interior is the rustic metals. You can find old clocks, interesting lamps, containers and other forms of accessories made up of steel; use this to create a distinct distraction from wood. Produce a rough and country ambiance that makes the room pleasant and familiar to behold by scattering ingenious rustic accessories throughout the area.

    Style it with Sentiment

    Industrial interiors can be associated with something shabby, sensitive and smart.  The truth is, you may already have something that can be perfect for this style—think of old valued items that are of sentimental worth. When in modern design, withered and wilted is definitely a no-no, you can make use of these personalities with an industrial interior. Build your room inspired with a whimsical note, produced by the effect of spontaneously placed crates and wisely positioned wooden furniture.

    Emphasize the beauty of your walls with a vintage clock with a European charm, or add a beauty mirror to bring out more space into your room, lined with a classical tone.  Take out items you have salvaged for that perfect item you want to adorn your room with; designing an industrial room is pleasurable, with the many new old items you can possible decorate with.

    Industrial Style Furniture

    While roguish in appearance, an industrial interior is sincerely romantic and brings out the beauty of an old-world charm back into a modern household. Only through this fashion can you make your tattered paint or worn out wallpaper into something dreamy and quixotic, as well as random box crates and old clocks into something whimsical and magical. Build an interior as unique and as eccentric as your personality, inspired by this classical appeal and vintage charm.

  • From Breakfast to Bistro: Dipinto Bar Stools Add Comfort and Charm


    It’s hard to imagine a home without bar stools. Positively ubiquitous, bar stools offer easy and casual seating in almost any room. In a kitchen island, bar stools provide seating for family members to gather and interact together as meals are being prepared. In the game room, bar stools provide guests comfortable, off-the-cuff perches to rest and be entertained. Indoors and outdoors, these stools are great for seating in multi-level surfaces that has become widely popular for their function and aesthetics.

    While there is a wide array of bar stools available in the market, choosing the one that suits your space and design can be difficult. For and eclectic edge that highlights the charming vintage industrial theme you want to inject into your space, Dipinto has the perfect line of bar stools for you.

    True to material and form, Dipinto’s vintage industrial bar stool line can give you a warm, homey “old-world warehouse look” that is characterized by contrasts in colors, textures, and materials. Dominated by metal in brushed stainless steel or wrought-iron and topped with distressed leather or grained hardwood, the bar stools are perfect for any room in the home.

    The high-quality, well-made stools are sturdy yet sleek and lightweight enough to be carried around across the room. There are those with a convenient swivel feature, such as Adjustable Vintage Stool and the Adjustable Swivel Vintage Bar Stool. These provide ease in getting on and off the bar stool without having to pull it away from the counter, which can be hard on your back and on the floor.

    Moving from one house or one room to another without worrying about the table or counter height matching your stool is also not a problem. There are also adjustable bar stools that can fit all types of homes. The lever and screw mechanisms allow you to change the stool height to fit counters, bars, pubs, or even for the tallest spectator or stadium seating.

    For more interesting, eclectic, and stylish bar stool options that showcases a time-honored mix of materials that brings warmth and character to your home, visit Dipinto Decor.

  • A Study of Contrasts in Industrial Vintage Design

    Function and utility meets well-worn charm. These are the eclectic contrasts that show what industrial vintage design is all about—and this well-loved style is here to stay.

    Gracing the homes of people who want a perfect balance between stark, raw, unfinished materials and unexpected, charming, romantic details, vintage industrial décor can make any space functional without lacking warmth. Vintage industrial design strives to stay true to the essentials as it proudly displays raw building materials that other designs try to conceal. Still, there’s a touch of personality and charm, because vintage is still present through little details, such as distressed hardwood, exposed rivets, and repurposed fixtures.

    What’s great about industrial vintage designs and furniture is that it is as beautiful as it is useful. You can strip down a space to its bare essentials, expose the concrete walls, hardwood floors, stainless steel pipes, and metal light fixtures. Leaving these exposed reminds homeowners of the space’s original purpose and eliminates further construction. This makes any space highly functional and practical.

    However, what separates vintage industrial from purely vintage is that the former is warmer earthier than the latter, which is polished. While industrial design per se is exposed materials that are new, shiny, crisp, and oftentimes cold, vintage industrial is unfinished, weathered, sentimental, and cold. It is also in this charming and eclectic vintage industrial design where earth tones and distressed, worn surfaces come in.


    You can add a quick industrial vintage feel to any room by adding repurposed pieces, such as this industrial cart coffee table or industrial kitchen trolley that looks as perfect conversational pieces anywhere in the home. Consistent with industrial vintage design, these pieces have wrought-iron metal trimmings and accents that perfectly contrast against the distressed hard wood with its exposed grains. Such new and repurposed furniture give an old warehouse or farm house look that gives a stylish nod to the past.


    For more of these interesting, eclectic pieces to help you get a homey vintage industrial vibe to any space in your home, DiPinto offers a wide range of stylish furniture and decors that suits every need and price point. Check out these precious pieces at

  • Tips on Creating an Inviting Outdoor Space

    Description: Creating an inviting outdoor space is as crucial as making your indoors more charming. Dipinto shares how you can beautify your outdoors with these tips.


    Outdoor Furniture


    Having an inviting outdoor space is as necessary as putting a unique charm in your interiors. Your garden or patio gives your guests the first glance of your entire home, and you want to make it as impressive as possible. You wouldn’t want to have a nice, pleasing indoors and just leave your outdoor space in a sad state.

    A well-designed space beautifies your outdoors; maximizing the area and bringing comfort and style into the open-air grounds. Family gatherings and social parties always center on the outdoors, providing a relaxing and enjoyable atmosphere for one to cherish the moment. For this reason, putting the right set of furniture is very helpful.

    As a homeowner, it is important to analyze both design and function of outdoor furniture to see how it can contribute into making space more inviting. If you are wondering which furniture to purchase, consider these tips:

    1. Prioritize Scale. Knowing how big your outdoor space is a good way to start. At best, measure the area that you have so that you can categorically find furniture that fits. There is no need to fill the area; leave a lot of room so that you can move around.
    2. Set on a style. You can rely on the indoor style of your home and produce a consistent theme. If you’re going for classic vintage, pick out arched metal chairs and framed glass tables. For modern contemporary feel, pick out bright and colorful chairs and decors that will match your interior’s hue. If you plan to go for a romantic industrial inspired outdoors, choosing rustic styled chairs and sets will be helpful. Of course, you can also choose a new theme for your outdoor instead of depending on your indoor design. This creates a unique, refreshing space different from what you usually see inside.
    3. Emphasize Functionality. Prioritize pieces that can provide versatility. For families with children, you may want low-maintenance furniture that doesn’t break easily in the course of play. Plant lovers can enjoy a baker’s rack, where you can display your potted plants, or store dishes and cutleries during parties.
    4. Value Durability.  Investing on a high-quality piece is better than buying a cheaper alternative that will only last for a few years. When buying outdoor furniture, think of quality. This will help you save money and maintain a constant companion in your décor. Know if such item will last you even throughout different seasons. Also, check comfort with the item’s design.
    5. Add a Focal Point. Conversation pieces and quirky decors are one way to spice up a décor. This can include a small fountain, a colorful couch, an interesting coffee table, or a piece of sculpture installed by your garden.

    outdoor space

    Shopping for outdoor furniture is just as fun as shopping for your interiors. However, keep in mind that the furniture for your outdoor differs greatly from the ones you use inside your homes. These items are created with strength in mind, so that it can last through various weathers. Still, you can find many options to look into, such as wood, aluminum, wicker, wrought iron or other mixed materials to match your style.

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  • Putting Character in Creativity with Wall Décor

    DESCRIPTION:  Wall decors provide an instant facelift in a normally dull color and change it into something with more charm and character.

    wall decor

    Are you in need of having a quick, clever revamp in your old space to liven it up? Do you have blank, bland walls and you are wondering what to do with it? Well, there’s no need to do a major overhaul in your present space; you can easily change the atmosphere with a little bit creativity in your house’s blank areas. Wall decors, for instance, provides that instant lift and immediately changes your dull corners into something with more character.

    Considered one of the important aspects of interior decorating, wall decors are little items that brings significant change in the overall atmosphere of a home. With walls considered as empty canvasses, wall decors can be placed ingeniously in bulk or in singles, bringing out a new impression. Depending on the theme, the place can be transformed dramatically into an exhibition of art, character and symbolism, paving the way for a much meaningful furnishing to endow your own space.

    Wall decors have been around for centuries; murals, paintings, trophies and installations have popularly used to create various looks for a home. However, modern interior designing paves the way for mixing and matching art and cultural forms, defining a new meaning to a personalized design with this home-built gallery. Interested in putting up wall decors for your home? Here are some a few reminders in accessorizing your wall.

    Stay on a Spot

    Find a focus item and build your decors around it. While there is no guidebook in installing wall decors, it must be noted that all-scattered pieces does not make any sense as compared to items placed in one highlighted corner. At best, find your favorite spot in the room where there is fewer accessories, and start decorating with few key pieces that are both intriguing and pleasant to behold.

    Mesmerizing Mementos

    The best wall décor you could ever have is of your own; pick a handful of your favorite photos and have it framed. You can place it in a straight, stern position, like a square or a line. Or you can have fun and put your creativity with it by thinking of a shape in mind and creating a formation out of it with frames. Uniform frames look pleasing, but there is something quirkily beautiful by using frames of different shapes and sizes too.

    Uncommonly Uncovered

    It is also good to place curious wall decors that say a lot about your character. Pick out old wooden clocks for that industrial look, or rustic wooden frames for a classical vintage appeal. This matches the engineers and the mechanical aficionados with great adoration for the romantic clock smith era. For nature lovers, frames of old leaves, animals or sculptures of it will tell your fondness for the environment.  A blast of mystery will also be good; such as adding beautifully bizarre ethnic decors, such as a tribal masks and figurines. This adds a certain eccentricity to your home, making it less bland and more interesting. Mirrors also adds both form and function to the room; creating a widened illusion of the area as well as reflecting light even in the dark corners.

    wall decor

    Other Wall Décor Placements

    Other than concentrating on one wall, have it spread out in different corners of your home. Place a group by the stairway to create a curious exhibit while stepping up or down. You can also install wall decors by your dining area, a subtle set of pictures and frames to remind the residents how unique and special their home is.

    Living spaces are obvious representatives of its owner, and every corner of your room tells stories about you. Let your home speak of who you are, and embody your character in a clear, creative way through various wall decors.

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